The Ultimate Safari in Uganda

Taking a Uganda safari is one of the most amazing experiences one can ever have in a lifetime. It involves an ultimate adventure new discoveries, fun, leisure, relaxation Adventure, meeting new people as well as making new friends. Uganda is believed to be a pearl of Africa and therefore, it appears to be one of the most visited countries in Africa by tourists around the world. Despite being a small and landlocked country, its nature and climate set it different from the rest of the world.

Wildlife Safari to Lake Mburo

Its climate has set to be with natural biodiversity across the nation even in its cities of Kampala, jinja, Mbarara, Kisoro as well as Fort Portal and Kasese. But the experience of the ultimate safari is witnessed when one travels far away from Kampala to the West, North, or Eastern where larger natural biodiversities are found.

Uganda’s natural beauty with a variety of tropical rainforests, savanna grassland, and some parts being semi-arid provide perfect natural habitats for a large number of different animals as well as bird species. And these are mostly found in the western and southern parts of the country. I guarantee you that western Uganda is mainly occupied by the largest national park in Uganda that provides habitats to a large number of different animals and birds. Queen Elizabeth national park is the most popular wildlife destination in Uganda because of its possession of a wide of natural beauties. The park is where most exotic animals in their natural state like elephants, lions, buffaloes, primates, and antelopes among the special ones are found in Uganda, not forgetting the amazing lakes like lake George and Edward that are joined by Kazinga channel, a multiple numbers of hot springs like Kitagata that are believed to be natural healers once you take a swim in it, other national parks like Murchison falls national park that is believed.

Boat Cruise to The Bottom of Murchison Falls

Without forgetting the most incredible Bwindi impenetrable forest in the extreme southwestern part of Uganda, this forest in Uganda also proves to be one of the exciting places commonly known for being a habitat for mountain gorillas.

This is commonly known to be the home of the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Perhaps the most interesting park where you can track the gorillas in the thick impenetrable forests with multiple amazing tree species and different eye-catching insects. Other activities in the park include forest walks and bird watching. Rwenzori Mountains as they are really important for hikers; take a visit to the glaciers of the Rwenzori Mountains in a circuit of 7 days.

Baby Gorilla in The African Jungle

The mountain vegetation and the birds especially the Rwenzori turaco are exciting. Other attractions and activities include other national parks such as Semliki, Elgon, Lake Mburo, and Mgahinga which are equally wonderful. All can be explored on guided and self-drive safaris to Uganda. There are many customized tour itineraries of different duration to different destinations in Uganda organized by tour operators. For self-drive travellers, there are many Uganda car rental agencies that can give you a good 4×4 car at a very good price.

Mount Rwenzori Trekking

Come and also enjoy cultural adventures in Uganda for example Amazing community members that are too old or confirm to dance are given wooden puppets so that everyone in the community can join. The spectacular live traditional performances are accompanied by the music of traditional drums, a flute, and a wooden xylophone called Ndara, which can be played up to four skilled musicians at a time.