Experience The Best Airport Transfer Services In Uganda

Are you uncertain of how to get to and from Entebbe International airport to your destination? Worry no more! Uganda has quite a number of options when it comes to airport transfers. These range from Airport transfers by hotels and lodges, airport transfers by taxis, and airport transfers by car rental agencies/ safari agencies.

Entebbe International airport is the main gateway into Uganda. It is located in the central region 6kms from Entebbe town and 50kms from Kampala city which is Uganda’s capital city.

Airport transfers basically mean picking up and dropping off visitors to and from the airport. Having you dropped off and picked up to and from the airport by a rental car is the most affordable and convenient way while in Uganda, here are some of the benefits of choosing car rental agencies for your airport transfers in Uganda

Free Airport Transfers

Most car rental agencies in Uganda offer airport transfers as a complimentary. Therefore, instead of paying for an airport transfer, you can always get a free airport transfer by simply opting to start your trip at Entebbe international airport.

However, sometimes you have to agree on the terms of the complementary. For instance, sometimes you have to drive yourself from the airport. In other instances, you will have to fuel up the car for the airport transfer.


There is no difference between booking an airport transfer with a hotel and booking a complimentary one at a car rental agency. In both situations, you will have someone from the company waiting for you at the arrivals waiting area of Entebbe international airport.

However, there are usually delays if you book your complimentary airport transfer with a non-reliable car rental agency.

Free Professional drivers

In instances where you are having jetlag, you can opt for an airport transfer with a driver without necessarily having to worry about spending an extra penny. Whenever you are booking a complimentary airport transfer with a self-drive car rental agency in Uganda, you can specify whether you will be opting for a self-drive airport transfer or one with a driver provided by the car rental agency.

Opting for an airport transfer with a driver comes in handy in instances where you do not have internet access to locate your next destination yet in most instances the company drivers are well-versed with most places around Kampala and Entebbe.

Tidy Cars

Sometimes you might assume that since the airport transfer is complimentary, the agency will likely not worry about quality. However, this is not the case given the fact that the car is simply prepared for you. Unless it is a rainy day, you can always be sure that the car will be very clean, unlike the taxis that are usually used by several people on the same day.

First Driving Experience in Uganda

Driving in Entebbe is relatively simple. The town is not as busy as Kampala. A self-drive airport transfer is the best way to let yourself experience Uganda firsthand. It will give you a chance to choose whether you will need a driver for the rest of your trip or handle everything by yourself.

The experience of paying for the airport ticket, and fueling a car for the first time in Uganda; are among the few things that make self-drive airport transfer worthwhile.


If you are the kind that enjoys your own company, self-drive airport transfers are the way to go. Besides them being free, they give you an opportunity, to transfer from the airport without having anyone invade your space.

You will have the chance to choose the music you wish to listen to without having to offend anyone because of your choices.