Tips To Save Money On Uganda Car Rental

Save Your Time And Money On Your Next Rental Car In Uganda

Car rental in Uganda would be the best idea to choose if you were on your next trip to Uganda. Uganda is one of the first growing economies in Africa and a great safari destination which is why it has attracted many travelers to come and explore its attractions and adventures.

Car hire in Uganda specializes in offering private transportation for all types of travelers including couples, solo travelers, families, and small and large groups for; leisure, adventure, business, and holiday trips to Uganda.

Hiring a car in Uganda can be done either by self-drive or chauffeur driven depending on what you want.

Car renting is cheap but may be expensive for you if you do not know the proper ways of saving money and time as you rent a car in Uganda. Here are some tips.

Compare prices of different car hire agencies

Try as much as possible to do online research for car hire prices from different rental companies. Uganda has a variety of car rental companies and some have the same rates while others have different rates.

Therefore, go to google to search for different companies and know their rates. This will help you to find cheap rates and also help you determine who offers the highest discounts off what you would pay hence saving money on your car rental.

Travel in the discounted seasons

Uganda has two seasons, the high season which is the dry season, and the low season which is the wet season. The high season usually runs from June to September then December to February and the low season runs from March to May and late September to November.

In Uganda, the low season is the best time to travel for budget travelers and all travelers that wish to save money on car renting. In the low season, most of the prices are discounted because the visitors coming to Uganda are few so there is availability of cars and costs are reduced.

Ask for discounts and negotiate

Always take chances and ask for discounts depending on how many days the trip will take. In most cases, car hire companies are willing to give discounts to clients who want to use their services for a long period.

It is good practice to ask for discounts and this saves you a lot of money on your car rental than simply taking the offered price.

Choose self-drive over chauffeur driven

Hiring a car on self-drive basis is the best way to save your money compared to hiring a car with a driver in Uganda.

Self-drive comes with many advantages and a cheap cost is one of them. The cost of a car with a driver is higher than a car on self-drive. It would be more convenient and practical to hire a car and drive it yourself not only does it give you privacy but also very affordable.

Therefore, it is highly recommended you go for a self-drive rental if you want to save on your safari in Uganda.

Car sharing

Sharing a car with your friends and family is the best deal for saving money and time on your car hire plan. As you plan to rent a car in Uganda, think about bringing your friends or family on board or your travel-mates.

Car hire is priced per day, not per person, so the amount you pay alone for car hire is the same amount you pay when you hire a car with friends.

There are also shared costs of the car; share the fuel costs which make it cheap to hire a car. Always think about traveling with people to reduce on the traveling and hiring costs.

Rent a car online

You can save money and time when you rent a car online. This saves you from the hustles of having brokers to rent you a car, do paperwork, traveling to the office for bookings which take quite a lot of time and money at the same time.

Online booking requires you to have your laptop or phone, sit comfortably in your living room or bedroom and rent a car from Uganda then have your car delivered at the airport or hotel on the day you arrive in the country to start your safari.

Book early and pay in advance

By hiring and paying for the rental car in advance, you get the car at a much lower cost than last-minute bookings and payments that may cost you more money. A pre-paid car rental allows you to get better prices and also the best choice of car that you want.

Observing the road rules and regulations

Uganda has many driving rules and regulations that you need to read and put into consideration before you go car hire.

Some parts of Ugandan roads are full of potholes that may lead to accidents in case you are overspeeding. Always follow road rules like not overspeeding, especially when approaching small and big towns, no overtaking especially in corners and curved roads like those in the western parts of Uganda, observing traffic lights, respecting other road users and so much more.

The violations of all these rules may lead to the payment of fines and imprisonment hence ruining your trip. Try to keep safe on the road and obey all the traffic rules.

Hire your car with a reputable company

Uganda has many cars hire companies, but before you book with them ensure they are legit and recognized. Make research and also check with their trip adviser to see what others say about them.

There are many cases of theft and scammers which may see you losing hard-earned money. Therefore, make sure you have made enough research and you are well contented with the car rental company before you make any payments.

Inspect the car first

Having the car inspected is so important before you complete your payments and take the car. Ensure the car is serviced, and air-conditioned, the brakes are working, has insurance, mirrors are working, if possible, take pictures before taking the car and when you have finished your trip.

All this saves you from extra costs that you may incur in case there is a misunderstanding or cracks on the car.

In conclusion, spending less than what you expected is every traveler’s joy. You could save big on your car rental in Uganda if you pay attention to the above tips that are usually ignored.