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Kilimanjaro – the Roof of Africa!

Embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime

Thousands of people just like you travel to Africa every year to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Learn how to successfully reach the top of one of the world’s “Seven Summits”.

If you wonder whether you can achieve a truly great outdoor adventure often reserved for the elite, extreme athlete, the answer is a clear and emphatic “YES!”

In 2002, my dream came true. I traveled to Tanzania, Africa and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. In so many ways, my trip was a life changing experience. From the unique occurrence of ascending through every ecological climate zone on earth to hearing the roar of a distant rock slide on the mountain to traversing a 600 foot wall at 14,000 feet above sea level, my trip has been permanently etched in my memory forever.

The feeling connected with undertaking a great adventure is fantastic … pushing one’s self beyond self-imposed boundaries and motivating yourself to new levels of personal growth. However, it is not just the climb that inspires me to werite to you today, but also the beauty of Africa itself. That beauty was so wonderfully revealed during several awesome safaris, in the viewing of truly unique and spectacular landscapes, and in my encounters with a culture, artwork, and people so very different from any I have ever known.

Maybe best of all, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have shared this wonderful experience with some of the friendliest and most interesting people I have ever met. We came together as a group of individual from varied backgrounds sharing an interest in climbing Kilimanjaro, but left as friend who developed camaraderie during our short time together.

That’s why I’ve created this web page. I am here to tell you that thousands of people just like you travel to Africa every year to climb Kilimanjaro – at 19,341 feet, the highest free-standing mountain in the world and the highest point on the continent of Africa. And if I can do it, so can you!

It’s estimated as many as 22,000 each year start out on the climb, but more than half never make it to the summit. With the proper preparation, the best skilled and experienced mountain guides, and the selection of the climbing route that best matches your abbilities, you can greatlyincrease your chances of realizing your dream.

Picture yourself enjoying the serenity of sunrise on The Roof of Africa … feeling the magic of standing above the clouds, overlooking the majestic walls of ice that make up the glacier, and feeling the satisfaction in the moment of having achieved a truly life-changing milestone.

While on your adventure, experience the wonder of ?Africa. Several of the world’s most spectacular wildlife game preserves are found in Tanzania. Parks such as The Serengeti, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro Crater bring a world-class safiri adventure to your doorstep while in Africa.

Learn from experts like Yusef, an experienced mountain guide native to Tanzania, Africa, who has safely led numerous summits of Kilimanjaro. Rick French, co-owner and founder of outdoor adventure company Pack, Paddle, and Ski Company, will share a wide variety of outdoor experience and has literally led trips throught the US and around the globe.

You will learn …

The level of fitness required for your adventure. Discover tips from “Kilimanjaro: The Adventure of a Lifetime”.

The challenge of climbing at high altitude does require physical fitness..

  • Ramp up your fitess with an easy workout program that optimizes the fitness and endurance skills you will need on the mountain
  • At altitudes approaching 20,000 feet, even a simple cold can derail your goals. Learn tips for staying healthy before you even leave for Africa.
  • “Dont drink the water!” is a common thing to hear when trveling out of the US. However, it’s no joke when planning to undertake an adventure of this magnitude. It is critical to know what food and drink is safe and what to avoid in Tanzania.

Little known tips for trip planning that will ensure the best experience while in Africa.

You’ll need to know who, what, where, and when to ensure a great itinerary.

  • We’ll give you all the information required for entering Tanzania from visas to vaccinations.
  • Many people land in Nariobi, Kenya on their way to Kilimanjaro. There is a lesser know, far easier, and more direct route to your destination.
  • Discover which months are ideal for climbing Kilimanjaro.
  • How to travel light and bring only what you need.
  • Why the right equipment and clothing is key to successfully reaching your goal.

Discover from the professionals what you can do to dramatically improve your odds of a successful summit.

Ascending Kilimanjaro is an incredible and uplifting experience.

  • Learn which experienced guides and porters you can depend on that can make or break your trip. Your safety depends on it!
  • Discover the route that best matches your skills and fitness so you will have the best experience possible on the mountain.
  • Learn three easy ways to reduce the chances of altitude sickness and how to minimize the effect should you suffer from it.

While in Tanzania, discover the wonders of Africa.

  • Learn about a park that has the greatest concentration of large game animals anywhere in the world.
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience and learn about a different culture?
  • View and buy hand-crafted African artwork, jewelry, and artifacts during your trip to Africa.

These are just some of the tips that can make this fantastic adventure your dream come true. For those of you that wish “to go for it!” and pursue the adventure of a lifetime, I am offering you a comprehensive guide to planning your trip and helping ensure you enjoy the best experience possible.

People spend hundreds of hours researching and planning the flights, lodging, inland transportation, required visa and permits, healthcare concerns, safaris, fitness requirements, climbing routes, training, equipment, and selection of guides for an adventure of this magnitude. In addition to all this, learn helpful insider tips from experienced guides and travelers to make your adventure all that it can be.

For $29.95, you will receive all this information to help you plan for your adventure of a lifetime. As an incentive for trying my book, I am offering several bonuses at no charge to the first 200 people that order.

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