Hiking The Rwenzori Mountain Ranges

Hiking through the mystic Rwenzori Mountains also famous as the Mountains of the Moon is exceptionally the most breathtaking experience that can be obtained while on safari in Uganda. A trek to the summits of this magical block mountain takes visitors through the stunning glaciers at the mountains higher altitude while you experience the stunning valleys comprised of 9 Lakes which all make you the total fantastic experience in life.

The mountains of the moon lie along the DRC border where the snow covered equatorial peaks stretch up to 5109 meters making it the 3rd tallest Mountain range in Africa after Mountain Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. It comes with 6 major peaks that stand apart from each other the highest being Mount Stanley at 5109 meters, Mount Speke at 4890 meters, Mount Baker stretching up to 4843 meters, Mount Emini at 4798 meters, Mount Gessi standing at 4715 meters and Mount Luigi di Savoia at 4627 meters. It is composed of metamorphic rocks and the ranges which were tilted up wards by tectonic plate movement. It is a magical adventure site that is worthy discovering while on safari in Uganda.

This remarkable mountain also comes with outstanding flora and fauna with varied biospheres as you hike to its rare vegetation zones that provide the absolute experience for trekkers. This is the most popular adventure for most adventure enthusiasts on safari in Uganda. The Mountains of the moon lies within the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Uganda.

It features unique vegetation that ranges from one zone to another depending on altitude and the vegetation ranges from the diverse tropical rain forests to bamboo forests plus montane cloud forest and finally at the peak the alpine vegetation that refuges unique plant species that do not live any where at the base of the vegetation zones. Its scenery is the best and at an altitude of 4500 meters the white like snow and glaciers top up special ingredient to the stunning views all over the pristine mountain range something that leaves hikers amazed while on Uganda safaris.

In case you are planning your adventure safari to Rwenzori Mountains, there is no need for you to be worried about the trekking facilities and services since the Climbing Rwenzoris Ltd offer distinct climbing and trekking equipment, options right from day one of the trek up to the final 12 days and these equipment options fit every style of trekking adventure and scheduled time. The Mountains of the Moon feature as the real mountain range with several hiking routes plus strenuous experiences but with the most outstanding scenery.

The treks to the summits of the mountain also come with varying climate conditions with heavy rainfall which is usually over 3 months each year, the rocks that are dully covered with moss and the high peaks and cliffs overlooking above the valleys that are meandering throughout. The treks also take you up Bamwanjara via the Kilembe route and you will be rewarded with the most panoramic views of the main mountain peaks like Margherita peak that features as the highest with amazing tooth plus the Elena peak in the middle is Mount Speke while on the left hand lies Mount Speke and you hike a bit to Weismann’s peak for clear views of Mount Baker.

Rwenzori Mountain range being one of Africa’s tallest block mountains, it features a number of spectacular peaks and amazing surrounding views that reward visitors with lifetime experiences while on their breathtaking adventures to its stunning summits. If you are adventure enthusiast, consider this remarkable mountain a must to visit but make sure that you physically well to hike to its top.

Getting there

By Road: The park is accessed by road from Kampala via Fort Portal, about 7hrs drive, or via Mbarara highway and this is about 8 hours drive. However, a strong 4×4 car is highly recommended. It is cheaper to hire car with driver to and from the park  than driving your self and pay for unused days while in the mountains.

By Air: You can fly to Kasese Air strip by Aerolink Uganda from Entebbe Airport.