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Useful Climbing Equipment

Use full climbing Equipment, it’s important to bring the following equipments below:

Sleeping bags
Crampons (pair)
Ice axes (pair)
Climbing boots/Mountain boots (pair)
Climbing rope
Snow glasses

Vegetation zones of Rwenzori
There are 5 different Vegetation Zones found in the  Rwenzori  Mountains . These are grassland (1000-2000m),
montane forest (2000-3000m),
bamboo/mimulopsis zone (2500-3500m),
Heather/Rapanea zone (3000-4000m) and
the afro-alpine moorland zone (4000-4500m). At higher altitudes some plants reach an unusually large size, such as lobelia and groundsels. The vegetation in the  Rwenzori  Mountains is unique to equatorial alpine  Africa .

Summit climbers need:
1 ice axe  US $25
1 Harnesses US $25
1 pair of crampons US $25
1 climbing rope US $25