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Packing Lists

Packing lists

What to pack to trek and climb mount rwenzori comprises of very many essential items.  Some of these items that cannot easily be carried all along while getting to rwenzori can be hired from rwenzori mountaineering services of rwenzori trekking services the two organizations responsible for climbing the high rwenzori, however there are some essential items to bring right from your home when going to trek

Here are some of the items that a hiker is supposed to carry when going for a trek on the rwenzori ranges:

  • Clothing: the weather condition at the rwenzori changes per the altitude so one has to bring both light and layer clothes since at the low attitude of rwenzori there is a tropical weather which requires for light clothes and at the top it snows requiring for layer clothes. In addition to the main clothes a hiker is supposed to carry head gears to cover the head in any weather condition that may require covering the head. Gears such as the hut, headlamps and beanies should be carried. Furthermore a hiker should also carry gloves for both hiking and cold weather condition and also the trekking poles should not be forgotten. .
  • Footwear: the climbing boots are very essential and these should have enough grips on them note that your feet are what make you reach the top height
  • Sleeping bag and trek bag: the hiker should bring a weather guarded sleeping bag that can be used for a night stay in the huts on the rwenzori and also a warmer blanket should be brought along. The hiker should also get a trekker bag that can accommodate all his/her necessities for trekking.
  • Other Accessories: the hiker should have some other items like adequate drinking water, energy drinks and quick edibles/snacks like biscuits and other confectioneries or dry foods. The hiker should not forget a camera, torch, insect repellents and also a music walkman.

Is it safe to climb the rwenzori?

It is safe to climb the rwenzori as there have been no serious problems of the past people who have hiked the high ranges. Over the past years services facilities have been improved to make the trekker’s safety more profound.

The trails and routes leading to the high peaks and mountains have been set up well in that the passage of the hikers has been made so easy.

Furthermore the accommodation facilities that is to say the huts and the rock shelter have been well constructed with reliable supply of water from the natural streams at the ranges to make the hikers overnight stay and short day rest very possible.

Guides have been well trained thus gaining vast knowledge and experience of climbing the rwenzori ranges and these personnel have led the hikers to their final destinations in safe and sound circumstances.

Precautions of the high attitude sickness are also in place and also the hikers are alerted beforehand about the sickness and other dangers during the briefings made at the head quarters.

Rwenzori is much safe when one climbs it in the dry season as the trails are passable and also one should have a trekking insurance as mountain climbs comes with lot of risks.

Checklist for Essential Things to Carry

1 day bag (for Small bag but enough to carry your packed lunch Rain gear drinking water and a camera)
1 sleeping bag
A pair of mountain boots US $25
1 jogging suit
Pairs of woolen socks
Pairs of trekking trousers, cotton shirts warm
Woolen cap, gloves
A torch, headlamp including. Batteries
1 trekking bag
1 pair. of jogging shoes
1 sun hat
Pairs of socks
1 pair. Snow glasses US $ 5
Leggings up to the knee (Gaiters)
Rain proof and warm gear
Walking sticks
Photo equipment
Pocket knife
Rubber boots US $7

Drugs against:
Stomach upsets
1 elastic bandage, Elastoplasts
Water purification tablets
Vitamin C tablets
Sun lotion
Lip ointment

For summit climbers:
1 ice axe  US $25
1 Harnesses US $25
1 pair of crampons US $25
1 climbing rope US $25

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