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Best Time to Climb

What is the Best time to hike the Rwenzoris?

Rwenzori Mountains offer the best fascination trekking experience for hikers around the world as it has very unique features from the flora, fauna to other natural features of the lakes and rivers and the glacier features that make it a sparkle of an experience. Every year hundreds of hikers trek rwenzori ranges and the best time to hike these mountains is the dry season periods as the trails and routes leading to the peaks are dry and also the routes are somehow clear from frost that makes the hikers work very easy to reach their prime destinations (peaks).  The dry climatic months are peak seasons of hiking rwenzori in Uganda of which we have to two peak seasons of trekking the magnificent ranges these are the June-October months and from December–February just like any tourism activity in Uganda, hiking at the rwenzori is best done when the skies are clear and bright and the grounds/soils of the motherland are dry to make the nature walks more possible.

However, unlike in the past where the infrastructures were in a sorry state even in the wet months of the year hiking rwenzori can be done as good hiking enhancing facilities have been put in place on the mountains like the bridges board walks and huts are in good shape and also there are more skilled guides that can lead the hiker to the peaks safely.

To our verdict, hiking at the rwenzori can be done through the year but the dry months are the best time to trek the ranges since the skies are clear and the trails or routes are relatively dry to make the nature walks more possible to reach the amazing peaks of the mountains.