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The Central Circuit Trail

This is the oldest and the most famous trail that leads to the high rwenzori. This starts at the Nyakalengija point 22km from Kasese off Fortportal road. This ascends to the Nyabitaba hut where treks witness the cultivation activities done on the rwenzori and then through the forest to the Nyabitaba. From the Nyabitaba you ascend to john matte enroute to the hut the trekkers encounter Bujuku River and also experience the heather forest. Still on the route as you ascend from john matte to Bujuku hut the trekkers meet the two Bigo Bogs where they get knee deep in the mud and also have a scenic view setting at Lake Bujuku of mount Stanley, Speke and baker. The highest of this route is Scott Elliot (4372m) where you feel that you are on top of the world and then you descend to the two lakes of Kitandara and still descending from Kitandara you encounter the Bujongolo cave which used to be the base of the 1906 expedition and at Kabamba cave there is an attractive waterfall for optical nutrition. There is no serious highlight from the guy yeoman hut as you descend till you reach the Nyakalengija at the finish line and start point.

This trail is managed by the rwenzori mountaineering service a community based initiative and the first organization to arrange hiking tours at the rwenzori ranges.

The Kilembe Trail

This is a southern route that is managed by the rwenzori trekking services as this gives a more exquisite experience than the rest of the trail. It is the longest trail on the rwenzori ranges as it takes nine to ten days to complete the expedition trail whereas others are of seven to eight days. This trail provides several mountains climbs using an amalgamation of trails along the Nyamugasani, Kasusoni and Nyamwamba river valleys. It also offers very wonderful and unique landscapes with sublime scenic views that have not been visited by trekkers for decades. The heather forests and groundsel leaves many trekkers murmuring how fascinating they and it is because of the latter vegetation that makes rwenzori have incredible reviews. Surprising enough, though the Kilembe trail was established of recently for trekker to climb the high rwenzori, it is the oldest one as the Nyamwamba valley was ascended by professor scot Elliot in 1895 way before the duke of Abruzzi from Italy championed the more direct route along the Bujuku Valley in 1884.

Lake Mahoma Trail

This is the newest route amongst all the three routes as this was established in 2012 as an alternative shorter route to the central circuit and this is managed by the Uganda wildlife authority. This route trail starts from Nyakalengija head quarter to Lake Muhoma. It is one of the lakes one would not love to miss as it is a glacier lake with very interesting features. It is just above Nyabitaba hut and lies within the bamboo forest with spectacular views towards the high peaks (weather in check).